Angela Carney

“Nearly four weeks completed on the M&M program. At the start I thought I was setting myself up for the impossible and didn’t think I would be where I am today… The changes I am feeling are so positive that I’m completely inspired to keep going . All food cravings are gone! Better yet is , food is no longer such a big deal in my life and eating clean no longer feels like a punishment! Looking back, I was over eating far too much and was always wondering what the next yummy meal or snack would be – so unnecessary!
I have so much MORE energy, I don’t feel sluggish and tired all day everyday. The “need” to curl up in bed and sleep whenever I could has gone. I sleep so well at night I actually feel ready for the day ahead now! 4 weeks ago I felt revolting, nothing in my cupboard would zip up, I wore a jersey around my waist, or covered my legs with it, and now my jeans are loose, I no longer feel like I’m being suffocated by my clothes! This is not just about an 8 week challenge, this is a much better lifestyle, the mirror doesn’t even bring me to tears anymore, (still not my favorite) but, it’s awesome to see my arms toning up, my tummy and legs toning and slowly feeling the increased fitness! Above all that I have learnt so much from Mandy and Mike and have come to realize it’s all about mindset and being educated in training smart and properly, and eating clean and in moderation.
And when life throws its curve balls and you feel awful about yourself, that curve ball becomes a massive mountain, feeling better about yourself totally changes the impact of that curve ball!”

– Angela Carney

Gareth Leck

“Being the CEO of advertising I work very long hours, so I have found it challenging to follow the typical gym workout regime, but the combination of the M&M program being online, being 20 minutes a session and using your own bodyweight is a winner.

I have found the program easy to access and follow and quick to do.

In addition the nutrition program was really effective.

Having completed the 8 week program I feel and look much better and have much more energy.  I have tried many different approaches to staying in shape over the years, but have found the M&M program the simplest and easiest of all of them, and have achieved really great results.

What sets it apart is the community aspect, as you know you are part of a bigger group and the sharing and inspiration that you get online makes it unique and definitely helps keep you on course.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to find smarter more efficient ways to stay in shape.”

– Gareth Leck

Recent Client

“Being on the Mike And Mandy Online 8 Week Programme was truly life changing for me. I definitely would encourage everyone to invest in themselves and benefit as I have from this experience. The 20 minute anytime, anywhere workouts (including the daily core strengthening) had a great variety of body weight/resistance training and cardio. The videos were easily accessible online, well demonstrated and simple to follow. The roller sessions were a great help for my stiff and aching muscles. With the options of two nutrition plans (Fat Loss and Lifestyle) I chose the fat loss plan with no alcohol, sugar, dairy (substitutes/alternatives available) or processed carbs. Healthy carbs were obviously still allowed – just nice to see the difference between the two! It sounded daunting but I can tell you truthfully that it took me back to basics and got me out of my addictive cycles without any cravings. The meals were simple and easy to prepare and delicious to say the least. For me I benefited the most from the mindset videos and motivational messages. Like a lot of people I battled with the image of myself, which has been distorted by socially constructed ideas of “beauty”. This program has started my journey of self discovery. I have begun the process of learning to love myself. To be grateful for everything that I am and for what my body does for me on a daily basis. I have lost 20cm and besides the obvious that my clothes fit better, I have more energy and my quality of sleep has improved. My confidence levels have increased, I am better able to deal with stress and have a more positive outlook on life. I feel healthier physically, mentally and emotionally Mike and Mandy I am at a loss for words for all you have done. Thank you so much. To all my fellow members it was fantastic having such a supporting community. I loved sharing recipes, workout pics and encouragement. I wish everyone the very best as we all continue our journeys on different paths. Truly thankful, grateful and blessed.”

The Mike And Mandy Lifestyle Transformation Program – all I can say is WOW!

When my husband and I started this 8 week program, I was probably the more sceptical one. I couldn’t help feeling a little resentful of the fact that we had chosen to pay someone we know to help us do the things we already knew we should be doing! How wrong I was…

Living on a farm and being a stay at home (and work from home) mom of 2 little ones, my goal was to lose my pregnancy weight and hopefully get back to the size and weight I was when I met my husband Mark. I can’t say exactly what his goal was, other than to lose weight, but deciding to do this as a couple was the best option for us. We would not have achieved the results we did on our own. But, we have achieved fantastic results! We have both lost weight [Mark 15kgs and me 7kgs (in just 8 weeks!)] and centimetres, are having to buy new, smaller clothes, and are feeling and (apparently) looking great. We could not have done it without you, Mike and Mandy. You really have worked hard on putting these programs together. Your time and effort has not gone unnoticed and has paid off as it has come together so nicely and really DOES work! We both reached our goals, and then some – I have visible triceps muscles for the first time in my life. Super stoked!

I cannot advocate this transformation program enough! It was straight forward and practical with constant support, encouragement and guidance. What I probably appreciated the most was having a set eating plan with recipes, and being given a training schedule to follow daily instead of having to come up with these things myself. Our whole outlook and mindset has changed. Without being extreme and completely denying ourselves, we are so aware of what we are putting into our bodies, and how we feel after training and eating correctly. So thank you Mike and Mandy for putting us on the right path. We really look forward to being a part of your next (12 week) program and being able to compare the two, and hopefully maintaining our results. To all sceptics out there – try it. You have nothing to lose except excess weight and bad eating habits.