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Are you wanting to become a FitMOM, FitDAD, FitBRIDE or just a Fit version of YOU?
Then you are on the right page! FitME is South Africa’s most interactive Online Fitness Program that was designed to FIT into YOUR busy schedule. Our daily #20minute home based workouts can be done at home, in your own time; or even at the gym. Each of your workouts are delivered to your phone in a short video format, with Mike guiding you through the movements so you know exactly what to do, saving you loads of valuable time. An added bonus is that there is also a comprehensive video exercise library should you need any additional guidance or advice on how to do certain movements! So it really is like having your own personal trainer delivered directly to you on your phone.
Our Nutrition Section includes our famous #20minute meals, as well as nutritional plan, which have all been out together to help you make eating healthy something that is scrumptious & fun. We do not believe in diets, rather we focus on helping you to make healthy eating a way of living, not a destination or punishment. Our recipes will open up the wonderful world of food through our quick and easy to follow recipe videos, so you no longer have to sit and read the instructions on how to make our recipes!
Our Mindset Modules will keep you on track throughout your 12 week journey, ensuring you create the right mindset to achieve your health goals. There is also an entire video section focused on debunking a number of health and fitness myths out there. On top of this we also have an entire section dedicated to strengthening your core! As a FitME client you will also be added to our exclusive FitME Facebook Community where you will be inspired by others who are on the same journey as you!
Lastly, as an added bonus you will also have a weekly check-in with Mike to make sure you are on track with your program. This Program is one of its kind in South Africa, and for less than a coffee a day you can have Mike & Mandy as your Lifestyle Coaches!

Mike and Mandy Lifestyle Transformation

Mike and Mandy are a revolutionary Wellness Couple who are bringing back the realness to health and wellness, and are passionate about helping people lead healthier lives. We specialise in :

FitME 12 week Online Program –
Our interactive 12 Week Online Program that can be done from your phone, anywhere in the world.

FitSTAFF Corporate Program –
A revolutionary onsite program for companies that create a culture of healthy employees.

FitGROUP Programs –
Group Training for men and women.

Our passion is educating kids on the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

FitBELLY Program –
Our Registered Dietician will create your tailor made program for you.


 Real people, Real Coaches, Real Results! 
Angela Carney full

Busy Mom

“I have so much MORE energy, I don’t feel sluggish and tired all day everyday. The “need” to curl up in bed and sleep whenever I could has gone.”

Gareth Lecke back

Busy CEO

“Having completed the 8 week program I feel and look much better and have much more energy. In addition the nutrition program was really effective.”

Angela Lardant front

Happy Client

“The 20 minute anytime, anywhere workouts (including the daily core strengthening) had a great variety of body weight/resistance training and cardio.”